This tool is simple in operation and utilizes air assist, operating at low pressures. This system includes a pressure gauge and air line and can accommodate a wide variety of seals through interchangeable “K” capping and de-capping heads. Various accessories are available for custom configurations.

The Air Crimp 1000 is normally operated on compressed air. It can also be operated on compressed gases such as nitrogen if the vials must be filled in a special atmosphere.

Accessory Kit

The Air Crimp 1000 can be ordered with the WAC-1007 Accessory Kit which includes a holder, retractor cord, and counter balance. The kit relieves weight from the Air Crimp 1000, making operation less labor intensive.

All Genesis crimpers have been designed and built for dependable, long-term performance. Parts, service, and consultation on your capping needs are available by getting in touch with us.

K-Head List

View a list of K-Head sizes along with pricing (USA) for the Air Crimp 1000.

The Genesis Air Crimp 1000 is not guaranteed to perform reliably in sterile environments.