More Than You Think

Genesis brings to the table much more than the time-honored Westcapper® sealing technology. We bring a complete understanding of the parenteral package itself. Our technical experts maintain long-standing relationships with parenteral package component manufacturers. We know the vial package. Our expertise in the science of sealing is deep-rooted and so is our commitment to seal integrity.

The Westcapper

The Westcapper®

The industry standard in sealing for parenteral packaging, the Westcapper® offers a wide range of sizes and capabilities up to 750 vials per minute.



Genesis provides technical consultation and training in all areas of parenteral packaging including, Container Closure Integrity testing and Vial Sealing operations.



Genesis offers a number of upgrades and services designed to both improve the performance and pro-long the life of your Westcapper® vial sealing machine.

NEW! Learn About the Importance of Pharmaceutical Glass Handling

PDA Technical Report No. 87 Current Best Practices for Pharmaceutical Glass Vial Handling and Processing

This technical report in which Genesis contributed to focuses on a technical understanding of glass, its strength, and its limitations, and provides guidance in best handling practices for glass vials throughout the pharmaceutical process — receipt, storage, preparation, filling, stoppering, freeze-drying, and capping. This document focuses on where surface damage may occur and where excess stresses may be applied during processing and handling.

This report also reviews typical pharmaceutical glass handling processes and identifies areas of concern. Points to consider are presented for line, material, and equipment enhancements as well as guidance and practical approaches for using procedural controls to better employ existing equipment.

The report is available to purchase at the PDA Website or you may read it for FREE if you are a PDA Member. Follow the link below for more information.

High Speed, Large Volume, Parenteral Vial Sealing

When Time is of the Essence

Ideal for large production runs of time sensitive products such as lyophilized vaccines the Genesis RW Westcapper® is capable of sealing parenteral vials at up to 750 vials per minute.

RW Westcapper

Residual Seal Force Tester

The Genesis Residual Seal Force Tester evaluate's seal tightness by measuring the Residual Seal Force in the stopper/seal combination of a parenteral package created as a result of the vial sealing process.

The FDA recognizes the use of RSF as a predictor of seal integrity.

The FDA in its Guidance for Industry Container and Closure System Integrity Testing in Lieu of Sterility Testing as a Component of the Stability Protocol for Sterile Products recognizes the usefulness of properly validated seal force testing. Most importantly, RSF is useful in the establishment, validation and control of capping machine settings.

Residual Seal Force Tester

The Integra Laboratory Vial Crimper

Small Package, Big Performance

The Integra Laboratory Crimper is a small vial crimper that is ideal for development, pre-clinical, clinical, pilot and compounding pharmacy operations. Available in four configurations the Integra can meet your small batch size needs assuring the best possible seal integrity.