The FWA accommodates vials up to 4.25″ diameter and 8″ high. The improved sealing head is interchangeable for caps from 11mm to 43mm in diameter.

The FWA has a cast aluminum base with a rubber pad on which the vial, with a seal, is placed. An adjustable V-guide centers the vial under the sealing head. The capper is operated by a handle to seal vials in the following sequence:

  1. The sealing head lowers until the pressure block seats on top of the seal.
  2. Sealing jaws close around the cap skirt.
  3. Top pressure is applied to the cap.
  4. Sealing jaws move up to crimp the seal.

Adjustments can be made for:

  • Container diameter (V-guide).
  • Container height (sealing head setting).
  • Operating angle of the handle, according to operator preference.
  • Handle stop to prevent over-crimping or crushing of the seal.

The FWA is not guaranteed to perform reliably in sterile environments.