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Oil Free Conversion

Genesis has developed sealing heads and conveyor support assemblies (pods) that no longer require the use of oil for lubrication. Bronze spindle bushings in the sealing head have been replaced with self lubricating, FDA compliant, polymer bushings and the conveyor support assemblies have been modified to retain grease used during fabrication. By employing polymer spindle bushings, we have eliminated the need for oil in the machinery directly above the product. The potential for oil dripping on vials is eliminated. Additionally, the vial rest table bearings are now sealed.

Vial Rest Lock Nut Upgrade

The addition of a vial rest lock nut replaces the old socket head cap screw locking system. The vial rest lock nut is much easier to use and more accurately locks the vial rest firmly into place. The spring pressure lock nut can then be moved independently of the vial rest lock nut to lock-down any adjustment made using the spring pressure adjustment nut. This system assures the vial rest height will not be affected every time a spring pressure adjustment is made.

Partial Rebuild

Replaces parts subject to wear which are directly related to sealing process – includes complete sealing head (with spindle assemblies), bull gear, vial rest assemblies and sleeves and vial rest table wear plate. Partial rebuilds are performed at the customers’ site and usually require less than three days to complete.

Main Drive Shaft Kit

Replaces shaft, drive gear, and pillow block bearings – easily installed at time of partial rebuild.

Conveyor Support Assembly (Pod) Rebuild

Kit includes bearings, seals, miter gears, spacers and star drive shaft.

Main Drive Clutch Rebuild

Kit includes shoes, studs, release ring, clutch and drive cup adaptor.

Head Raising Gear Box Rebuild

Replaces mechanical parts necessary for accurate head height adjustment.

Missing Stopper/Gross Raised Stopper Detector Upgrade

Kit includes sensors, mounts and electronics located on infeed conveyor – Westcapper® is stopped for manual vial extraction.

Cap Handling Controls Upgrade

Replaces capacitive vibratory tray sensors (internal and peripheral) with current sensor array – allows for more precise control of cap flow – eliminates West custom control (with fine tune screw) if equipped.

Bottle Infeed/Jam Control Relay Upgrade

Replaces obsolete vial sensor systems with current standard – for older electro-mechanical Westcapper® s.

Missing Cap Counter Upgrade

Replaces obsolete mechanical stepper relay and reset with programmable counter – for older electro-mechanical Westcapper® s.

PSC Gauge

For setting upper and lower spindle spring pressures – includes force gauge, actuator assembly, and head height indicator – for older electro-mechanical Westcapper® s.

Safety Enclosure Interlock Upgrade

Replaces existing interlocks with Schmersal coded magnetic switches – includes relay, power supply, SS enclosure, switches and cables.

PW Westcapper® Upgrade

Fixed Pin Star Guide Retrofit
Replaces metal swinging star guide with vial specific fixed pin delrin guide – promotes consistent vial handling and sealing.