Our Services

Genesis stands by our products and will have a service technician
onsite within 24 hours of your call to diagnose and solve any issues or
problems that may arise with the operation of your capper.

RW Westcapper® Training

When utilizing a RW Series Westcapper® as the primary means of applying overseals to parenteral vials, an understanding of the proper setup of the mechanical variables related to sealing rail technology is necessary. Genesis offers the proper training.

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Westcapper® Service

Genesis offers a number of upgrades and services designed to both improve and pro-long the life of your Westcapper® . Some of these include, rebuilds, an oil free conversion, annual maintenance along with OEM parts.

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Vial Optimization

The onsite vial optimization procedure carried out by Genesis is a means by which capping machine parameters are obtained through a careful process of studying component structure, variation and stopper compression analysis.

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Stopper Compression Analysis

Development of a sealing process monitoring method to assure continued container/closure integrity of parenteral vials using residual seal force testing. This effort establishes a protocol for correlating residual seal force to leakage rates.

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What's More

We also offer a number of annual service options as well as upgrades for your capper including partial rebuilds which replace parts subject to wear which are directly related to the sealing process – includes complete sealing head (with spindle assemblies), bull gear, bottle rest assemblies and sleeves and bottle rest table wear plate. Partial rebuilds are performed at the customers’ site and usually require less than three days to complete. Other rebuilds include the main drive shaft, the conveyor support assembly, the main drive clutch, and the head raising gear box rebuilds.

Upgrades include, cap handling controls, bottle infeed/jam control relay, missing cap counter, the PSC Gauge for setting upper and lower spindle spring pressures – includes force gauge, actuator assembly, and head height indicator – for older electro-mechanical Westcapper® s, and a safety enclosure interlock upgrade. For more information on servicing and upgrades please get in touch with us.