Our Products

Genesis Packaging Technologies is a worldwide leader in the science and technology
of parenteral vial sealing.  We provide the best capping equipment in the world and we offer both the global
service and technical support to back it up.  Offering our customers the tools and knowledge to consistently
achieve container closure integrity remains our priority.

The Westcapper®

The industry standard in capping for parenteral packaging, the Westcapper® offers a wide range of sizes and capabilities up to 750 vials per minute. The RW series utilizes a solid rail which gradually forms the seals as the vial rotates while the PW Westcapper® series incorporates three spinning rollers to ensure secure, smooth seals on a consistent basis.

The RW Series The PW Series


 Hand & Laboratory Crimpers

Genesis offers three tabletop crimpers, the Semi-Automated Integra Laboratory Crimper, the FWA and the LW Crimper. Small in form factor they are ideal for laboratory use.  Also offered are two hand crimper models, the West Air Crimp™ (WAC) and a simple manual hand crimper.

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Residual Seal Force Tester

The function of the Residual Seal Force Tester is to evaluate seal tightness by measuring the Residual Seal Force in the stopper/seal combination as a result of the sealing process. The RSFT measures residual seal forces in pharmaceutical vials sealed with stoppers or lined seals and aluminum caps.

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Vial Inspection Platform

The Vial Inspection Platform is a machine designed to be added either prior to or after existing capping operations to achieve additional inspection criteria. It has a main star wheel and a discharge star wheel so that non-conforming product can be rejected without human intervention.

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